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 Dreadnok: Zanya

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PostSubject: Dreadnok: Zanya   Dreadnok: Zanya Icon_minitimeSun 20 Jul 2014 - 21:42

As always I look forward to honest feedback, good or bad.

More images can be seen at my web-site.

This is the first custom that I have made that is based on a character that was never part of the original Marvel series of comics, but instead came from the Devils Due comic series. I have always been intrigued by the idea of this character and the first time I saw her, I knew she had to become part of my JoeVerse. I knew what this figure would look like based on several images from Devils Due and other customs that had been created. I did not intend to stray very far from those looks, but instead wanted to try to make an ARAH version. There have been a few ARAH customs made of Zanya, but none of them really captured the look of a young punk rocking teenage girl. I attempted to do this by using the smaller chest and sculpted breasts of the Scarlett V1 chest. I also wanted to thin out the mid section and to make her shorter. I do not think she looks as good as some of the modern renditions of Zanya, but I think she fits in nicely with the rest of my customs. As with all of my customs the equipment can all be removed allowing her to blend into any punk rock party. I decided to stay true to the original looks and colors of Zanya as she appeared in the comics. I decided to give her the TEC-9 with a silencer, a small weapon capable of packing a punch. This one is fashioned after the one that was used by the Columbian drug dealer in the beginning of Predator 2. After talking with my buddy SEV54 I decided to give her the large sword that would tie her to Zartan and subsequently to the Arishikage Ninja clan.

Here are a few WIP pics, I used braided string to sculpt the hair.
Dreadnok: Zanya SAM_0924

I also used "Apoxie Sculpt" to sculpt on the bottom of the tee-shirt and then sculpted in some abdomen definition.
Dreadnok: Zanya SAM_0983

The final product.
Dreadnok: Zanya Zanya_custom_front

Dreadnok: Zanya Zanya_custom_accs

Dreadnok: Zanya Zanya_custom_front_accs

Dreadnok: Zanya Zanya_custom_action2

And finally with dear old dad!!!!

Dreadnok: Zanya Zanya_custom_action6
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PostSubject: Re: Dreadnok: Zanya   Dreadnok: Zanya Icon_minitimeThu 24 Jul 2014 - 10:15

That is really, really nice work man. Congrats on another stellar custom!
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Dreadnok: Zanya
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